Lessons to Help You Play Lead Guitar, Free Tabs and Solos


Learn to improve and advance your fretting and playing skills with instructional videos about how to play chords and sizzling hot solos.

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Learn how to play guitar proficiently, learn all of the chords and how to transition quickly between them.

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Welcome to our lead guitar lessons, these lessons are designed to be a video series that build upon one another. Learn how to improve your guitar solos with popular solo techniques that sound off the hook.

These tabs are created by individuals for personal or educational usage. You can also share your guitar tabs with other people by listing it on our website. We encourage the sharing of information and techniques among our fellow guitarists.

Let's face it, most guitarists want to play the lead. Most want to be skilled enough to be at the forefront showing their chops and licks. Learning to develop your lead guitar playing skills requires a bit more specialist knowledge than that of just regular guitar playing.

Are you a lead guitar player -- or want to be one? Learn all of the licks contained in this collection completely you'll be transformed into a reputable lead guitar player.

Learn the soloing and fingering techniques used by the legends such as Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix. Check out the archive of free video lessons which are categorized by skill-level and concepts. Lessons are available for all genres of music including hard rock, blues, heavy metal, blue grass, country and rockabilly.

Learn to bend the strings with a style and flair that is all your own, but with tips from the masters. Once you see these guitar techniques you will want to play them again and again to get the electric or acoustic sound that you crave. Quit struggling at guitar. Get the free lessons, instructions, tutorials and hints that you need to boost your level of play today.



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